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Dejunxi (www.dejunxi.com) is a leading electronic components supply chain platform at home and abroad. We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of electronic components for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), brand manufacturers (OBM), and electronic product contract manufacturers. Supply Chain Solutions. The company has 16 years of industry experience and an excellent team, and has become a long-term supply partner of major terminal factories across the country, worthy of your trust! The original integrated circuit IC distributes ST, NXP, TI, MPS, ON, Realtek and other world-renowned brands; in order to meet the needs of terminal factories, it provides one-stop BOM distribution service for electronic components (resistance-capacitor, diode, single-chip, IC, etc.) etc.), the company's service purpose: integrity management customer first!

   The products distributed by the company are widely used in consumer electronics, computers and peripheral equipment, medical electronics, LED lighting, charging piles, automotive electronics, power control, new energy, communication equipment, security and industrial applications, etc. , Order channel advantages, to provide the most cost-effective products and professional services for the majority of domestic and foreign customers!

     Choose us, is to choose rest assured!

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