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Can trainer avionics be upgraded to fighter jets?

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Can trainer avionics be upgraded to fighter jets? sure.

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) recently awarded a new contract with Montreal-based CMC Electronics to modernize the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) KA-1 trainer fleet for advanced mission training and light attack missions.

KAI is looking for a cockpit upgrade to update their product and provide ROKAF's KA-1 fleet with more modern avionics, as well as room for growth. CMC worked closely with KAI to meet their requirements and proposed a mission computer cockpit based on the PU-3000, a multi-core mission computer.

The PU-3000 and its partitioned embedded software application provide an alternative solution to integrate multiple traditional Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) or a single Large Area Display (LAD) configuration used in the KA-1 solution. The PU-3000 software development kit also allows KAI to develop specific proprietary mission applications on its own.


Source: CMC Electronics

“This new contract is a timely and strategic development for all parties involved. We believe that the upgraded KA-1 platform with the PU-3000-powered LAD interface will improve aircraft availability and provide future opportunities for ROKAF pilots The modernized frontline KF-X fighter fleet is better prepared," commented Mr. Brad Nolen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CMC Electronics.

Avionics Upgrade Program

Jae Min Park, Deputy Senior Manager, Aircraft Procurement Team at KAI added, “KAI is confident that the KA-1 avionics upgrade program will be successfully completed in a timely manner, greatly enhancing the system performance and capabilities of the KA-1 aircraft.

It is reported that CMC's solution allows KAI's trainer aircraft to mimic the advanced avionics of fighter jets, and the system uses the latest cockpit management technology to quickly train pilots.

Design and manufacture of cockpit systems

The PU-3000 Avionics Computer is the world's first civilian certified multi-core mission computer. It can host multiple avionics applications, reducing equipment count and integration costs. Through its modular design, it can be used as a general-purpose computing platform capable of carrying multiple functions in a single unit, and public information shows that it is capable of driving multiple screen sizes with the redundancy required for flight-critical functions.

CMC Electronics designs and manufactures integrated cockpit systems, avionics, display solutions and high-performance microelectronics for the military and commercial aviation markets. The company also has facilities in the United States to serve its global customers.