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The first commercial ReRAM in the field of industrial control accelerates the industrialization process

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A few days ago, Xinyuan Semiconductor, a new storage leader, announced that its ReRAM-based "Xin Shanwen" security storage series products have been commercialized in the core components of industrial automation control, marking that ReRAM's new storage technology has passed the strict 28nm process node. The test has been accepted by the industrial control field, and the industrialization of the new ReRAM storage in my country has gone one step further.

         ReRAM is the most anticipated new storage technology in the market in recent years, including TSMC, Intel, Samsung, UMC, Crossbar, Adesto, Fujitsu and other international manufacturers have focused on this technology. The successful commercialization of Xinyuan Semiconductor's "Xin Shanwen" series of products in the industrial control field also marks that my country's ReRAM new storage industrialization process has become a global leader.

        It is understood that the "Xin Shanwen" series of secure memory chip products launched by Xinyuan Semiconductor this time integrates the security features of high reliability, secure storage, cryptographic algorithm engine and ReRAM PUF (Physical Unclonable Function). And provide rich interfaces and usage patterns.

        PUF is a cutting-edge hardware security technology in the information security industry. It mainly uses the random differences generated in the chip manufacturing process to generate a unique, hidden and unclonable digital sequence, just as a chip has a unique 'fingerprint' identity when it is born. information, as the unique active identification (ID) and root key (Root Key) of each chip.

      The "Xin Shanwen" series of security memory chips make full use of the unique technology of Xinyuan ReRAM PUF, which not only achieves strong security features against physical attacks, but also effectively prevents hackers from causing large-scale damage to key information infrastructure through interconnected means such as the Internet of Things. It also effectively reduces the cost of security supply chain management related to key injection, etc. Combining the anti-physical attack cryptographic algorithm implemented by hardware, it can effectively achieve strong identity authentication, copyright protection and secure storage of high-value data assets for high-value devices such as industry, new energy, and the Internet of Vehicles.


      Xinyuan R&D team continues to promote chip testing and tuning

        "Xin Shanwen" series of security memory chips are packaged in small size, integrate international common cryptographic algorithms and national cryptographic algorithms, support SPI common chip interface and/or single-wire communication interface, and provide rich IO expansion capabilities.

         Yan Pengfei, vice president of Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd. (Hechuan Technology), said that industrial automation products have very strict requirements on the reliability and security of program and data storage. It realizes the reliable storage of core data while meeting the security requirements. Different from traditional cryptographic algorithm chips, its unique ReRAM PUF technology and security solutions effectively protect the core intellectual property rights and protect the core components of industrial control. Accurate identification and control.

         According to Dr. Qiu Shengfen, CTO of Xinyuan Semiconductor, the yield rate of Xinyuan's ReRAM products based on the 28nm process has exceeded 93%; the "Xin Shanwen" series of security memory chips are designed with high reliability and have passed JESD22 (JEDEC : Solid-state electronic device reliability evaluation verification), JESD47 (JEDEC: integrated circuit stress test verification) and other reliability standards verification, with strong anti-static ability (measured HBM=5500V, CDM=500V), high data Retention (DataRetention>10 years) and data storage high temperature resistance (up to 150 ℃).


Xinyuan Semiconductor technical team conducts equipment debugging on the pilot line

         At the beginning of this year, the first 28/22nm ReRAM (resistive variable memory) 12-inch pilot production line in mainland China led by Xinyuan Semiconductor successfully completed the installation and acceptance of self-developed equipment, and realized the process flow of the pilot line. . On this basis, while achieving continuous breakthroughs in ReRAM technology and processes, it also makes the rapid realization of ReRAM-related products possible.

        With Xinyuan Semiconductor's 28nm process ReRAM product entering the field of industrial control, it not only verifies the product-level performance and yield of ReRAM technology on the 2Xnm process node, but also reflects the reliability, security and stability of ReRAM technology, which is a good example for subsequent memory storage. Lay the foundation for applications in computing, in-memory search, smart cars, data centers, and more. With the acceleration of the industrialization process of ReRAM, it will also greatly promote the development of my country's new storage industry, and provide the possibility for my country's memory industry to achieve "curve overtaking".