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Product Technical Specifications

EU RoHSCompliant 
Part StatusActive
TypeGeneral Purpose
Number of Channels per Chip4
Maximum Data Rate150Mbps(Min)
Maximum Rise Time (ns)2.5(Typ)
Maximum Fall Time (ns)2.5(Typ)
Minimum Pulse Width (ns)6.6
Maximum Pulse Width Distortion (ns)3
Maximum Propagation Delay Skew (ns)6.1
Output TypeCMOS
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V)5.5
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V)1.7
Maximum Propagation Delay Time (tPHL) (ns)15
Minimum Isolation Voltage (Vrms)3750
Maximum Propagation Delay Time (tPLH) (ns)15
Maximum Working Insulation Voltage849Vp
Maximum Quiescent Supply Current (mA)17/10
Maximum Power Dissipation (mW)2780
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)-40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)125
PackagingTape and Reel
Typical Operating Supply Voltage (V)5|3.3|2.5
Forward/Reverse Channels3/1
Minimum Common Mode Rejection (kV/us)75
Coupling TypeMagnetic Coupling
Standard Package NameSOP
Supplier PackageSOIC W
Pin Count16
MountingSurface Mount
Package Height2.35(Max)
Package Length10.5(Max)
Package Width7.6(Max)
PCB changed16
Lead ShapeGull-wing

About Shipment

Shipping TypeShip FeeLead TimeProcessing Time
DHL$20.00-$40.00(0.50KG)2-5 daysShipping fee depend on different zone and country
UPS$20.00-$40.00(0.50KG)2-5 days
EMS$25.00-$45.00(0.50KG)4-15 days
FedEX$20.00-$40.00(0.50KG)3-7 days

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